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Univers Italic font was designed by Adrian Frutiger on Swiss principles for Charles Peignot at Deberny & Peignot.

Frutiger imposed strict discipline across all elements of the series, from light to dark, extra condensed to extended, a concordance of design that was possible in the foundry type and photocomposition fonts. Any version may be mixed within a word with any other. It may be argued that the design of the most popular central series is limited by strict conformity to little used extremes.

If Helvetica gives us the strongest central designs at some sacrifice in uniformity across the series, Univers gives us a uniform series by disciplining the central designs.

We’re providing to you a great free similar fonts to Univers Italic complete font family.

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These are similar free fonts to Univers Italic. We tried our best to find the best matching fonts of Univers Italic font family.

Hope you will enjoy these fonts.

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I hope you enjoyed our collections of Univers Italic font family similar fonts and their alternatives. We tried to match the exact font style and their italic versions from a wide range of free available fonts from the web. Most of the fonts we provided are free for personal use but some do allow commercial usage too. So, it is recommended to always check the font license before using on your project.


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