Karma is an Open up Source multi-script typeface supporting each the Devanagari and also the Latin script. The relatives was made for use in overall body textual content on display, and five fonts are offered. The characters for both of those scripts element a design style that tends towards the monolinear. The Latin script element has serif letters. The two these, as well as the stroke terminals from the Devanagari letterforms are usually rounded in Karma’s layout.

Karma’s figures are financial in width, plus the Latin athletics a tall x-height. Although the knotted terminals during the Devanagari letterforms are closed, the final feeling of the Devanagari character set is open and ethereal.

Begin to see the style and design on the ? (kha), ? (cha) and ? (dha), for example. Joana Correia developed Karma to the Indian Type Foundry, who to start with published the fonts in 2014.

Karma Serif Font

License: Personal & Commercial Use!
Font Type: Free
Format: TTF
Total Files: 1

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