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Franklin Gothic and its related faces are a big family of realist sans-serif typefaces created via the variety foundry American Style Founders (ATF) and credited to its head designer Morris Fuller Benton. “Gothic” was a contemporary time period (now little-used besides to explain time period types) that means sans-serif.

Franklin Gothic has become used in a lot of ads and headlines in newspapers. The typeface carries on to keep up a large profile, showing up in a variety of media from textbooks to billboards. In spite of a interval of eclipse inside the nineteen thirties, following the introduction of European faces like Kabel and Futura, they were re-discovered by American designers in the nineteen forties and possess remained common at any time since. Benton’s Franklin Gothic family is a set of sound designs, notably ideal for exhibit and trade use this sort of as headlines rather then for prolonged textual content. Lots of versions and variations are produced considering that.

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